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HamSCI Stations

HamSCI works with scientists and radio amateurs around the world to collect data.





HamSCI Google Group

Participate in the HamSCI Community by joining the HamSCI Google Group. The HamSCI Google Group is an e-mail discussion forum to facilitate communication between hams, the professional space and atmsopheric science communities, and anyone else interested. When requesting to join, please include some information about who you are and why you would like to join. Particpation is governed by the HamSCI Community Participation Guidelines. This group is moderated by Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF, Kristina Collins KD8OXT, and David Kazdan AD8Y. Questions may be directed to

Visit the HamSCI Google Group


TangerineSDR TAPR Listserv

The TangerineSDR listserv is run by TAPR and directly supports the engineering work for the SDR-based HamSCI Personal Space Weather Station. This listserv is more engineering focused than the HamSCI Google Group, which is more science-focused. Visit to join this listserv.

HamSCI Science Telecons

There are currently three regularly scheduled telecons to support HamSCI work. All are open to the public, please see the calendar below to confirm teleconference times and view conference call connection information.

  1. HamSCI Bi-Weekly Telecon: Science-focused telecon hosted by The University of Scranton every other Thursday at 3 PM Eastern during the academic year.
  2. Grape Low-Cost PSWS Telecon: Weekly telecon hosted by Case Western Reserve University to support the Grape Low-Cost Personal Space Weather Station Project.
  3. TangerineSDR Telecon: Weekly telecon hosted by TAPR and The University of Scranton to support engineering of the TangerineSDR Personal Space Weather Station Project.

Archival recordings of HamSCI and TangerineSDR telecons are available here.

HamSCI Calendar