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Universitat d’Estiu d’Andorra

After a first-rate opening in May with the talk given by Prof. Cirac, the 27th edition of the Universitat d’Estiu d’Andorra officially starts today, Aug, 30 with a promising agenda: 6:00 pm: Equilibri climàtic del planeta Terra (Climate balance on planet Earth), presented by Josefina Castellví Piulachs, oceanographer specialized in marine bacteriology (Barcelona). 7:30 pm: [...]

On our way toward the engineer of the future

How to design the engineer of the future was the object of the workshop EF2009, which was held on November 12 at La Salle, in Barcelona. The two keynotes given by Ms. Lueny Morell, How can engineering education address the challenges of the 21st century?, and Prof. David E. Goldberg, The missing basics: What engineers [...]