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My name is Marc and I come from Andorra

My name is Marc and I come from Andorra is the new Yes, we can in NYU Stern School of Business. Last week, Marc Visent won the election for the block leader and became the first Andorran representative in the history of this university. It could seem an uninteresting and isolated fact, but this young, [...]


Jaywalking is the term that popularly coins the fact of a pedestrian crossing the street ignoring the traffic lights. It is an unlawful action in many countries and is punished in some states. However, in New York, police are pretty permissive and just jaywalkers whose behavior goes beyond a non-written rule are warned. In addition, [...]

Independence Day

New York (USA) Morning saw the City calm after eleven days of rains. This sunny day allowed people to have picnics and enjoy a peaceful holiday. At eight, however, things got hectic. The roofs of the buildings welcomed the most impatient onlookers. Neighbor communities began the preparations with the following ingredients: barbecues, beers, and joy. [...]

There is no thirteen

Some days ago I noticed that there is no button thirteen in the control panel of the elevator of my building. The owner, the architect, or someone else should be superstitious. Because of that, an ad hoc control panel was made and the displayer programming was adjusted to jump from 12 to 14. Nevertheless, despite [...]

Everything must go

Manny’s Music, a classic among the guitar stores founded in 1935, has been definitely closed. I just visited this place twice, but the first time I already felt a unique vibe coming from the stories that it enclosed. This store, which walls were covered by pictures of legendary stars and real gems of guitars, had [...]

Squared Sun

May said goodbye with two magic moments. On Saturday 30 and Sunday 31, the so-called Manhattanhenge, an astronomical event in which the Sun is perfectly aligned with the Manhattan’s grid, took place. The connoisseurs were ready in the strategic points, along the 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th streets, with their cameras, to hunt the [...]

Sullivan Street Bakery

The Sullivan St Bakery, located in the 47th Street between the 10th and 11th Avenues, bakes every morning the famous bombolinis. What is that? It is a spongy full doughnut with vanilla cream or raspberry jam filling and sugar on the top of its outer crust. Mmm… Delicious! This breakfast is one of the petits [...]

Free hugs

It is good for your health! This is the slogan to get or give hugs in Union Square. Scientifically proved, hugs have beneficial effects on blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart diseases. Besides, they make feel good and get a smile out of anyone. Such happiness led Juan Mann to give free hugs [...]

Dirty place

It is well known that New York is a dirty place and, unfortunately, it is true. Despite good intentions of people, something else is necessary to keep clean the City.

Romantic ideas are as corny as beautiful

Some time ago, someone told me how he planned to propose marriage to the woman of his life. His project included a pretty day in New York, a walk in Central Park, and the suggestion of a rowboat ride. In the middle of the pond, he would tell her one more time how much he [...]