My name is Marc and I come from Andorra

My name is Marc and I come from Andorra is the new Yes, we can in NYU Stern School of Business. Last week, Marc Visent won the election for the block leader and became the first Andorran representative in the history of this university.

It could seem an uninteresting and isolated fact, but this young, maybe not-so-young student could be a candidate to lead my country to a thriving future, so I think that it is worth watching his progress and how well he is doing his job in the adventure that undertook last July.

Graduated in computer engineering and law as well, with a brilliant career of three year in a prestigious law firm, Marc decided to give a new spin to his background and applied for an MBA at Stern. With a creative application Marc was accepted and cherry-picked for the summer start. In just a couple of month, this inborn story teller has captivated the student community and has converted Andorra into his mark, to the extent his classmates acknowledged that to fit into Stern culture one should make sure to know where Andorra is.

Therefore, so far, as an Andorran, I feel proud of him and firmly believe that we need more ambassadors like him. Many congratulations Marc and keep working hard!

Posted in NYC